The History of Twin City Hardware

Twin City Hardware Co. began as an old-time hardware store in 1883, originally known as Twin City Hardware and Heating Co.

In 1954, George Boomer Sr, previously an assistant hardware buyer, became the owner. Within a short time of purchasing the company, Twin City Hardware had transformed from a small hardware store of the 19th century to a supplier of many commercial jobs around the Twin Cities – including the State Highway Building and the Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport.

Over the past half century, TCH has continued to grow and is now one of the premier commercial hardware suppliers in the country. Following are some major changes the company has gone through:

  • 1971 – a steel door and frame division was added
  • 1974 – office and warehouse opening in Crystal, MN
  • 1988 – TCH began using a computer system for inventory and order entry
  • 1992 – George Boomer, Sr retired; his 3 sons: Cal, Harvey and George, Jr ran the company
  • 1995 – the Crystal location was moved to its present location in New Hope, MN – which also includes a large residential hardware dept
  • 1999 – a new 51,000 sq ft facility was opened in Oakdale, MN; the St Paul headquarters and Hollow Metal dept moved to the new facility
  • 1999 – TCH launched its first website
  • 2002 – the Oakdale location expanded to include a large warehouse/shipping facility
  • 2003 – Hollow Metal, Installation and Security Center depts all moved to the Oakdale facility
  • 2004 – the Omaha, NE branch began with a small sales staff
  • 2008 – the Phoenix, AZ branch was opened
  • 2014 – Pre-Hung door was purchased in Eagan, MN; this added our wood door fabrication dept
  • 2019 – the Company purchased Access Technologies in Albuquerque, NM – they remained a separate entity, but offer more expertise in Integrated Access and server/cloud services
  • 2020 – new corporate officers were built in the open space between the Warehouse and Hollow Metal on the Oakdale campus
  • 2020 – Sell Hardware in Duluth, MN was purchased to expand our exposure in that market
  • 2021 – the San Antonio branch moved into a newly remodeled building to allow for expansion of their hollow metal and warehouse depts. Wood Door Fabrication and Service also added