TCH Engineering

At TCH, we have an entire engineering and detailing department. They are the ones who will take extra time and care to go over your plans in precise detail, find cost savings where possible, and generate a coherent hardware schedule. This leaves your sales representative time to build a real relationship with you for a more meaningful project experience.

TCH depends on a team of project engineers and detailers who analyze your project and blueprints to give you the best door and hardware package available from anyone. With our factory-certified staff and significant buying power, there are many different options we can come up with to keep you on budget without sacrificing quality.

  1. Submit your blueprints for a bid.
  2. One or two project engineers will be assigned to evaluate your plans with attention to detail.
  3. We can come up with one or multiple options that keep you within your financial constraints and on track for the Grand Opening.
  4. Your client will be pleased with whichever option you choose and you can be proud of your project.